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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
And then the internet took over

Alrighty Troy, expect a pm soon as I got a gut feeling (hopefully better than last years gut feeling) and will be sending a wager your way. Once again not a $ bet...I'll come up with something more interesting than cash
I never bet cash... a sporting mans wager and items of sentimental value are always far more satisfying.

And yes folks, we even take wagers on the Auto (as well as) moto divisions... But them Quads and SxS's... nope. There is no science to it... They are more like playing bingo than a wager... just a heap of balls randomly bouncing around, wating for something (a winner) to fall out...
Originally Posted by Etienne;

"What ees all 'zis f5uss
fuss about...?"
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