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An Otter on the road: From Lille to Limoges in 12 Days

An Otter on the road: From Lille to Limoges in 12 Days

Hey fokes!

Here it is, I finally found the motivation to publish (write, going to write... whatever) my very first ride report – journey (in english...) (so be indulgent: my queen's English may be a bit rusty. It's not my first long trip, but the very first one I think that will be worth mentioning (in english :o) (especially because I just bought a new Pentax WG-II that I really want to test).

Anyway the ride will take place between Lille and Limoges (both in France) going trough Germany (Aachen, Wolfsburg, Berlin and Dresden), Czech Republic (mostly Prague), Austria (Vienna and Innsbruck) and Switzerland (Biel) to finally rest and party at Limoges (I really don't like straight lines... why doing 600kms if you can make it 3600kms?)
The journey will take place between the 6/08 and the 18/08 on my F800GS.
I already know that the update will be irregular because I don't think I'll have internet everyday (who cares anyway) but every evening I'll keep up my journal on my laptop.

I'll be camping mostly except in Aachen and Berlin were I meet friends of mine and finally in Limoges were I'm invited to my GF's cousins birthday.

A little introduction? - Ok here you go:

The “plan” started a couple of month ago when I was studying for my exams. My favorite band “die ärzte” were on tour in Germany (oh yeah I'm from Cologne btw, studying in Lille) and I wasn't able to buy a ticket because they were sold out and anyway the concerts took place during my oral-exams. But then one day (magically), I saw a new date in august near Dresden (about 1000 km from my apartment) and like I said to a friend 5 years ago (when I saw them for the last time... sniff), I'd do anything to see them again, even if I have to ride 1000kms over night... oh hey... what a coincidence! As I am a man of my words I took the ticket and saw an opportunity to make a nice ride through Germany. So there we had my first “dead line”, being next to the Czech Republic (in Dresden) the 12
th august. A few weeks after having bought the ticket, I went with my GF to her family in the middle of France where her cousin invited my to his birthday. Free beer and a buffet? Ok I'm in! So there was my other “dead line”, being back in “southern” France for the 18th.

The weeks passed by and last weekend I realized that the dead lines were approaching but I still didn't knew what way to go and how to “occupy” my time between the 12
th and the 18th. I took out my old friend Google Map and a picture began to draw itself into my head. The "map" is made but as always I'm up for surprises and it'll be hard to keep up with my schedule

I hope you'll enjoy the journey as much as I will and I hope I'll be a good story teller even in English.

If you have any suggestions to make (about things to see, to take with me, precautions to take in a country I'm all yours!)

Ride safe and see you around!

Loutre (Otter) - Tom

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