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Small Change in Plans

Heading up past Radium the plan was still pretty simple. Up the inside of the Rockies to Jasper, across and start down the other side.

North from Radium

But it seems my old nemesis Thor was waiting for me. As I got to the Trans Canada, the old bastard had gotten my scent once again and, well. You all know what it's like to be riding into a black thundering mass. Did I tell you I was too old for this shit? I've already done my time in the saddle so it is definitely time to take the easier route.
So I hopped on the TCH to Banff but I'll be damned if he didn't look like he was following me.

You wouldn't know it in this photo but believe me, he was lurking!

So a way too expensive overnighter in a two star Banff hotel got me turned in a new direction. The weather report for north for the next few days was just nasty so I made my decision to go see my American buds. Headed south past the Kananaskis Lakes and I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the most beautiful rides to date. The area is pristine with nary a burnt tree or beetle kill to be seen anywhere.

Complete with light fluffy clouds.

And soon the descent was taking me out and away from these beauties onto the open plain.

I was right about the direction as cloudless skies and the heat of the summer finally showed itself. But Thor might have gotten his final revenge by throwing bees at me. There's a question. How far can Thor throw bees? Can he throw bees? Maybe he just paid the bee thrower to do it.
But I digress. Stopp at one gas fillup I felt a tickle in my sleeve. Popped the velcro and a bee flew out. Thats bee, for not stinging me. Go make some more honey. Next fuel up I was just about to get back on the bike when I was stabbed in the back. Right between the shoulder blades on the spine. I whipped off the coat and was lucky to obtain close by help (guy at the next pump) to get it out for me. It was a big Bumbly, my last I hope, and he got me good. Unfortunatly he didn't make it himself and I actually fely a little sad for the guy. Always liked Bumblebees. The only way he could have gotten in was thru a small neck opening as I guess I had the zip down an inch or two. Hope that's done with. Hey, I'm tryin like Hell to keep my Karma good so, COMEON!

The border was a surprising breese and I motored on thru some great twisties heading down to the flatlands with BG just lovin it.
Ahead was what I thought was fog till it dawned on me it was smoke coming out of the mountains.

It took a good hundred miles but I did motor out of it. It was somewhere around here my bar mounted remote for the Drift camera stopped working so this is the last pick till next report. Forgot to adjust the wide to normal before I set off so a bunch ended up in wide angle.

Then came a long long day of "super highways" This is partially my fault because I have a new Nuvi 550 GPS that I haven't quite got the hang of yet. I opted for the cheaper unit having previously owned a Zumo and am paying for it a bit now. Not so user friendly as the old unit. A route I thought I had loaded wasn't there and I ended up heading in a general south east direction. Interstates are fast and Big Girl was shoutin 'Ya Baby' back at me but the Scorpion Trails were quickly disappearing, gettin nice and flat on the bottom. I'm thinking 6000 kms may well need new tires. We'll see.
As for BG, she has stopped moaning to me and I am detecting pressures in the tank but maybe it's just the heat. The reroute vent hose and check were position up and down and I got to thinkin the valve should be horizontal so I re-positioned it thusly.
I am determined to run thru a full tank without opening it today. So it's off to Jellystone. (Is Yogi still alive?)
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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