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Your comment about awesome stopping power is almost an understatement. I've put 48,000 miles on my '04 and it has the most incredible brakes I've ever experienced on a motorcycle. Regarding failure of the ABS unit, there is a place in Idaho ( that now repairs them for about $350 and gives a 5 year guarantee. You can search GSpot for some recent threads on repaired units.
Here is my endorsement of Module Master. I have an '01 1150GS. The diagnosis of my ABS problem was the pump was shot and BMW wanted to get one for me for $2200 and charge me $300 to replace. I pulled my own pump, mailed it to Module Master and they repaired it for $250 and gave me the warranty.

They type of failure I had was not typical, it was a circuit board related issue. I live where the summer temps are also above 110 degrees (45 C) and it pushed the life of the electronics beyond their limit. Since the repair I have put almost 10K on the bike without any issue. This included a 7400 mile trip through Mexico into Honduras and back. The ABS worked flawlessly and continues to keep me in happy camper mode.

Other than the ABS issue, I have not experienced any problems whatsoever with my '01. It has 59K on it and will likely see 159K someday.

Incidentally, 01's do not have the problematic servo ABS units. They have ABS-II. They are not without issues but all of these mechanical pumps have a service life and it seems that the ABS-II unit life is somewhere around 15 years give or take a few.
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