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As we exited stage West out of Woodside that wish was replaced by sheer excitement and adrenaline. We cleared the residential section and were treated to a car-free wide open blast up into the mountains on King’s Mountain Road. No traffic, sharper turns, higher banks all made it even more amazing than La Honda road! We all tore up the road into the hills, trying to stay in the lead I was really pushing my limits at this point - but learning a lot as we went. Dropping to first gear to power out of the tightest corners and never finding the end of third gear we were on a mission to scrub the tires right to the edge.

Shawn has some go pro footage I hope we can upload here :)

Emerging onto a main road just as I thought the fun part was over, I spotted the road continuing diagonally across the intersection. Accelerating back into third gear I found the twisties just as nice on the west side of the mountains. The climate change was immediate and amazing, transforming from dry deciduous trees to conifers dripping with lichen and covered in moss. Noting the thick humid air and wet road, I took it down a notch on the descent to keep the rubber side down. I had to make it to Half Moon Bay in one piece.

The only photo I have - it was just too much fun

Arriving at Half Moon Bay after a quick cruise down Main st we headed for Pillar point to walk out and at least touch the left ocean. No swimming here - bacteria warning flag was up and it was far from warm out.
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