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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
Gees, I don't that rear still legal? Those South Oz coppers see that they'll yell "Outlaw" and taser you until you stop kickin.

it still says 'rally' in between 'some' of the blocks

Are the Police task force boys still wearing their 99%er patches? The dicks. Makes me ashamed to have been born a South Orstrayun.

On a tyre note, what do you think of the Rallye on the red dirt? Hook up and brake ok? What about side slip? Let go easy or controlled?
i found the hook-up and braking to be great... but i recon the go sideways a bit in the deeper dirt and sand... quite a few time i found the back heading sideways for the deepest rut....

amazed how long the lasted (rear about twice a TKC, front about the same.. also gave no highway wobbles (and they were spooned on out in the bush and not balanced

i'm not a convert yet, but i'd run them again in the right circumstances...

prob if i was to re-do the 16,000km these did again i'd go with TKC-80s as i normally run them, just to compare the 2 tyres over the same 'interesting' terrain...

waiting on a back order of K60's to arrive...trying one of those next...

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