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After a day off in Batumi, we hit the road again. Today would be like almost every day on the whole trip, friggin HOT! I think every day of the trip except 2 or 3 it was at least 100f, (about 38-40c) We are riding across Georgia, dodging bad drivers & wayward cows, and I see a sign for an old Monastery, & turned down the road. Its only about 5 miles, how bad can it be? Well, after about 2 miles of uphill riding in the rocks, and I stopped again to wait on Poly, I told her I’d see how the rest of it was. So I went on to the top, & came back, proclaiming it ‘passable’
Poly doesn’t have enough experience offroad, and hasn’t got the confidence to just give it some gas & let the throttle help her thru the bad stuff. Not that Im any expert offroad, I suck at it, & I ride slow. But as most of the places I like to visit are not reached by pavement, I just do my best to deal with it. So we make it to the top. Its still working, and is full of nuns. It had been here a really long time, and from the look of some of the nuns, they may have been the founders.

Of course there are cows helping to block the way

Prayer time is over for the cows

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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