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I find this route interesting... actually Iīve got a friend who lives in Philadelphia, and have thought about the possibility to ship my own bike over (or of course renting a bike could be possible as well, itīll depend on many things, like how long I could stay, etc).

I know itīs a tough question to give a definite answer to, because the pace of travel that people like to do, does very a lot. But if you were doing this, do you guys reckon 4 weeks would be adequate time for a ride starting and ending in Philadelphia, visiting Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, then do the Trans-Labrador Highway, and on the way back make a detour to see the Niagara Falls? If I estimate 4000 miles for that loop, am I in the ballpark?

Iīm afraid Iīll have trouble to arrange even 4 weeks, but any shorter (coming over from Europe) probably would not make any sense either.
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