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Dear Fellas

guess what? I'm home.
A little bit earlier than I was supposed to, but that: later.
Either way, I finally am able to start my promised report.
Let's start right away!

Saturday, 21st of July

If you remember, my plan was to head out at the beginning of dawn. To achieve this, I called over a girlfriend of mine which should help me get to bed early and kick me out in the morning.
Appearantly, I am somewhat of good company and good to talk to, too, so she would not have me sleep before 0100 and I had to kick HER outta the guest-bunk later.

Well, it was a nice evening anyways and here's a picture of me finally starting. Can you see the sun?

No, you can't, 'cause it rose only after I passed the border to Thuringia, so I was punctual.

Next, I drove by the „Drei Gleichen“ or „Three Equal“ besides the Autobahn/Highway/Motorway/Superslab A4 or E40, the one highway going from the North Sea straight through to Russia. The „Drei Gleichen“ are mediaval castles, built between 8th and 12th Century. The are not that special and two are mere ruins, they even do not have something in common – but their destruction. According to legend, all three being so close by, were hit by a ligthning ball in 1231 and burned down exactly at the same time.
This is now being depicted by some Fireworks every year, as I read. Will be worthwhile to go there and explore further. And take pictures on which you can actually see anything ;-)

I mentioned punctuality. Well, I was punctual to drive into two hours of rain directly at Eisenach also. Thus – and for the new route of the A4 – no nice pics of the Wartburg.
It was during this soaking that I learned my helmet had funny venting: it won't let any air stream in, but water. This would form a small river from my forehead over my glasses and nose – straight into my collar. Also, appearantly my Anti-Fogging-Spray had worn of. Just nice.
Thus, in Bad Hersfeld I settled down in the just opened McStupid warming up, anti-fogging (luckilly my crammed my have behave like a Supertanker, but I HAD everything with me which would come in handy), breakfasting, taking a nap for halve and hour. I had time, hadn't I? Boarding would only begin 1700 and it was only 600 kilometers away.

What followed, were these 600 km of further boring highway. I'll try to make fun of it, though. That's the art of such kind of rides: find the good moments in it.
Some of these where when I settled down along A1 for the first time enjoying the sun and making myself jummi breakfast.
The group camping in the background arrived shortly after me. The car stopped, the drivers door was opened, a cigarette was lit, THEN the driver got out. Later I understood why. The driver had his compact class car filled with him and four members of the more beautiful sex, two of which under-age. Oh boy, what a poor chap! Nobody deserves this kind of punishment.

Couple of minutes later a hobo came along, rummaging in wastebins. This is seldom here in Germany, because Big Nanny Germany takes care of you in every respect, may you like it or not. Nobody needs to be a hobo here. Well, he rummaged in the bins with the obligatory dog of his but kept his distance to everyone, no begging or anything, just doing his thing. Thus, I gave him my cheese-and-ham sandwich. Probably wouldn't have it eaten anyways.

Oh, and by the way, Homo Erectus ATGATT:

My gear:

Caberg HyperX convertible helmet. I like it, comfortable, great view, integrated sunscreen. Despite that it's quite loud over 60 mph requiring earplugs or in-ear-music for Freeway traveling. And the lacking waterproofness.

Held TouringFive gloves. I use them everyday, even in winter. They are grippy, you don't sweat, there wind-tight and at least to some point watertight, one can feel enough with 'em and they don't require much caretaking. They are even warmer than my thick Thermoboy Arctis PCM wintergloves – which are not tight at all to nutting, but bulky. Keep away from those crappy gloves!

IXS Harstad & Grimstad leather combination.
Great in many respects: warm, but not too warm. Flexible. Watertight. Many protectors, even for the hip, comfortable and I look damn sexy in it. But how could you know...
And, a unique feature: buttonable collar! No more nasty wasps hitting my throat!
Unfortunately, the Eidgenossens of IXS seemd to stop thinking halfway through development.
As soon as you sit down, kneel down, bend over of pretty much move at all, both the suspenders and the garter unbuttons itself. And as you can see, I am not the heaviest of men. So you can wear the trousers only with the jacket zipped onto it. Speaking of zips: the jacket has two inner pockets, watertight. But to get to them, one needs to unzip the rainproof zip-in. The fleece zip in actually has an incision to reach the pockets. Alas, the fleece is being zipped into the rainprotection – which leaves you with reaching through the incision to nowhere.

Bundeswehr Naziboots +2, Modell 2010. By Haixs. These are unbeatable. Water-tight. Oil-proof. Fuel-proof. Fire-proof. Tank-proof. Archangel-proof. Misuse them however you want, your foot will be cuddled like a kid in its cradle. Plus, the are grippy, give great lateral adhesion and are comfortable to walk 20 miles in without sweating. Actually, I do not even have other shoes anymore, except for business matters. Get yours!

Shortly after, I reached The Netherlands.
Which stunned me: how come there are Caravans in The Netherlands in summer? How come the country has inhabitants in that time, come to that? Shouldn't they not all be caravaning around...well...basically...everywere else?^^

Here you see two of the most beautiful cars ever built, one of which is a break. Oh yeah. And the obligatory windmill, of course. And a motorcycle.
Anyone recognise it? Have seen this face before, but cannot find it right now. Thought of the KTM Superbike or an MZ 1000, but not, this wasn't it. And a strangeness. Poor little engine of that Visa. :-)

I followed my well programmed GPS and ended up – in the wrong ferryport on Hoek van Holland.

It's kinda cool there. The Hoek van Holland is basically a big levee asided by endless rows of greenhouses practically in the water already. Nice.

But this led to my first ferry being a small one, covering 500 meter of water...when I drove on, a y oungster stood up through this cars roof and waved me. Try to do this with one of the modern cages!

On the Ferry, I met three Englanders which were appearantly return from a similar trip as SpitfireTriples. Only he took his time, they did the round in two weeks. Nice talking to, they were.

I boarded quite late, but not many bikes in the ship's belly. Nice Harley, though.

Went to have a look around, of course, so some shots from the harbour follow. I don't understand the Hollanders. They have such a beautifull (yet dull flat) country and then they ruin it by such concrete abominations.
But the seagulls were interesting to watch, how the flew along the ships hull, just to suddenly turn upwards and go less than half meter above your head. Elegant predators they are!

Well, I wanted to spend some heavy money in the restaurant, but they told me the had a table for after 2100 which I'd need to reserve. We had not even left the harbour, for christs sake! 2100 is in more than 2 hours!
Screw that, I called it a day.

Somewhat 811 km today...

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