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1966 Kawasaki Super 150 B8S

I aquired this from a friend that is the original owner and hasn't ridden it since about 1973.

The first thing I did was clean the plug and file the points. Squirted a bit of fuel in the carb and the little girl popped right off.

Removed the carb and gave it the PineSol treatment. After reassembly, I could only get it to fire by squirting fuel the carb still. I determined that the float was too high and there was no fuel getting into the bowl. I had to raise the float quite a bit to get it to flow. So now it starts right up an even after warming up, I need to keep it choked to run. Very confident that I got the carb fully cleaned. Two things come to mind,,, crank seals and fuel/oil mixture. I had the fuel mixture extremely rich,,,, probably 10-1. I found that it should be 20/25-1 and didn't want to initially run my straight 40-1 chainsaw mix. I'm leaning toward crank seals also. The original owner said the reason he quit running it was that it was "hemmoraging oil box oil from everywhere". Is it possible the leaking seals allowed pressurizing of the geabox thus pushing out the gear oil?

I was able to nurse it on a quick ride last night. I chanced going down a pretty steep hill near my place thinking I may be pushing back up...... it went right up the hill in second gear! Power doesn't seam to be an issue. My neighbor said he hasn't seen me smile that much in a long time.
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