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Lincoln is quite a town! I actually managed not to get lost there, the road numbers are sequential, that helps* :Hap1:
I found a sporting goods store and bought two 1 liter Nalgrene bottles and also four a mosquito net! Yay, now I can sleep in my hammock and those pesky little buggers won't ruin my beauty sleep! :nana I also stopped at Home Depot to get PVC caps and some weird plastic piping and bracket wiring.
When I got back to Jeff's house I worked on getting the water bottle holders on the back of my Pelican cases.

Now I can camp in the middle of nowhere for one more day!

A turkey came to visit in Jeff's yard, it did not want to strike a pose though

Euro bike night in Lincoln was fun. There were a lot of BMWs but also Ducati's Triumphs, Vespa's (scooters) and one very old BSA. Of course a few off-roaders too. I met a couple of Jeff's friends, David and.....? Oy! I am terrible with names.* :(
We had dinner together at a restaurant on the bike street and hung out for a while.
Jeff and I swung by a health food store to purchase some ready-made food for on the road (Tasty Bite Indian food) Absolutely delicious, just put one push in muffler side pannier, and when you get to where you are camping dinner is ready* :laugh:

I left late the next morning, Leslie wasn't feeling very well, and I took my time packing and re-arranging.

At around noon I left for Kansas to visit my friend Mike in Hutchinson near Wichita.
It was a hot ride and the Kansas scenery was very similar to Nebraska

I think I must have blinked, because I missed the Welcome to Kansas sign.
Spirit unfortunately did not like the fast pace and hot temperature and she stalled a few times, vapor lock I hear it's called.
I also messed up by not checking her oil, she was very low* :( I feel terrible!
Made it to Hutchinson by 5:30, just in time to ride to a thumper meeting with Mike, and give a talk about my trip.
Then Jack passed the hat around, and everyone put in a few buck for gas for me! How sweet! I was very thankful but it felt weird just having people I didn't know give me gas money for my trip. I got $83! Wow!!
Thanks all you guys! (never got everyone's name)
Today I will put something between petcock and engine, and figure out a way to lift my saddle bags so the air can flow through the vents.
I will be in hot climates from now on I think, so got to keep her cool somehow.
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