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Originally Posted by PETDOC View Post
Some things you should ask:
1) Were the rear pivot bearings routinely serviced? If not they need to be replaced.
2) Were the brake hoses changed-when? Rubber lines degrade. I've seen a recommend replacement interval of 7 years.
3) Was the left sided cam chain tensioner upgraded?
4) Were the zip ties near the steering head loosened to keep from breaking wires in the harness?
5) Are these the stock shocks? If so you will need to replace for optimal ride.
Parts that have an increased risk of failure--be nice to know if ever replaced:
1) Clutch slave cylinder/rear input seal
2) Hall effect sensor
3) Starter
4) Rear drive big bearing
Really nice accessory if available
1) Touratech hard part to prevent front forks from breaking steering stops and denting tank during a drop
Places to check for cracks
1) Lower mount of front shock where it attaches to the telelever suspension
2) Rear frame part which holds rear seat and extends as short rack-if overloaded it will crack
Wow... This is why I'll never sell my bike, even if I eventually purchase another. At 100K miles, I only now just replaced the stock shocks with aftermarket items. Never touched any of the rest of the items in this list. Only time the shop ever did maintenance on my bike was when I couldn't down shift from 2nd to 1st, and it ended up being some adjustment in the shift mechanism (thought it was going to be something deeper in the trans). I have no complaints about handling, performance or other issues. But this makes me feel like one day the damn thing will disintegrate underneath me on the freeway!
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