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Originally Posted by KX50002 View Post
You can see his throttle hand is tight around the grip, he never applied the front brake at all
Actually it looks like he had 1 finger on, but you don't see the weight transfer from rear to front at all, if he's on the front brake, he isn't on much.
Watch the slow-motion part from his entry into the scene -- four fingers firmly wrapped around the throttle, and rear wheel locked. Fingers never even reach for the front brake (in the still pic from when he's down, the bit that looks like a forefinger on the lever is the grip guard).

Classic noob error -- at that low speed he could have *easily* scrubbed off enough with the front brake and rolled into the turn -- instead, classic target fixation (look where he's looking through the entire clip) and failure to use the bike's controls/capability.
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