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Now I don't know about you guys, but whenever I drive by cows I usually honk, figuring they could use at least something to break up the dreary litany of chewing grass they poop all over. And rarely do they ever flinch. Didn't have to honk for these bovines...they seemed to really like the sound the Duck was making and even ran over as I slowed down to stop.

It was around this time I really was feeling the magnitude of the trip. My left shoulder was killing me and, well, these long stretches of road were just a prelude to all the miles coming ahead. It kept getting more gorgeous as the sun started to set, though, and I drank in the scenery as much as I could.

That's me on the shadow-horizon:

Nature's prozac:

Somewhere with around 30 miles on my 'recent gas' trip meter I saw a "next services 70 miles." I thought, no problem--until after 70 miles no services. Ended up having to go off to a small city just to see if they had gas. Looked like a ghost town, but I did end up finding a pump. The city was deserted except for a couple kids playing on a sidewalk (who looked at me as if I was riding on a spaceship). Out in these rural areas it seems all the beauty is outside of the 'towns' in the countryside.

This church was super creepy and had a little moat of mosquito-laden holy water around it.

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