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I took a shortcut heading north, and as with most of my shortcuts, which look good on a map, there is some dirt involved. There wasnít a lot of it tho. We wanted to bypass Tlibisi, the main city. Iíd been there a few times, and theres really not much there besides bad traffic. Besides, I really wanted to get into the mountains. Iíd never been up there, as the border with Russia was closed, but now it is finally open. Its an awesome road, & the traffic wasnít too bad.

On the way up, was this old fortress/church

I needed gas, but I hadnít seen a gas station in quite awhile. Then I saw this one, & stopped. No one was there, but then some old guy came out of the house. He had a chart (handwritten) that showed amounts of gas & the costs. I wasnít sure how much it would hold, but I made a guess. I manned the pump handle while he went to the controller thing & watched the needle, until I got the gas I paid for. Then we put some in Polyís bike also.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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