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Originally Posted by dashmoto View Post
A few bits and pieces from the TBM article on Bordone Ferrari...

- Mr Ferrari is a Milanese architect, and the 'passion' behind the team
- Mrs Bordone is a 'successful businesswoman whose grandfather was involved in the motorcycle business between the wars', and the money behind the team.
- Have apparently already spent 'millions' of Euros on the project
- Put three riders on KTM 450RRs into the top ten at the 2012 Dakar
- A lot of their mechanics came from the Farioli KTM EWC team
- Rumoured to have offered Juha Salminen half a million Euros to ride for them in EWC
- The lack of *any* sponsor branding is deliberate - planning to keep the identity of the brand clean and professional until the 'right' deal can be done with a big outside sponsor, not someone that will give them 'five sets of kit'.
- Have had meetings with the ASO about raising the profile of the Dakar in Italy
- There will be a small production run of the BF rally bike.
One of their mechanics is Romeo Feliciani, he was Fabrizio Meoni's historic mechanic and close friend
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