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Running without a base gasket tends to improve mid range torque and low end pick up, but the effects of this are likely to be hard to detect on road going motors. On air cooled 2T bikes which have head gaskets, in most cases its possible to run without, after lapping the head to the cylinder using fine grinding paste, and using high temperature silicone sealer on both top and bottom deck faces when building.

The main thing in favour of seeing how a bike runs without the gaskets, is that it costs very little to do, and unlike bodged machining jobs, is not going to mean a need for new parts, if there is a need to go back to stock set up.

Whether someone provides 3 or 300 pieces of crushed solder to indicate what squish clearance they might have, isnt going to alter the fact that if measuring using this method hasnt been done properly, the results are going to be far from accurate, which kind of gets away from the point of adjusting the clearance in the first place.
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