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Originally Posted by lightcycle View Post
Yep, love it. I had to do a chin-curtain-ectomy though, not enough airflow. It made the helmet a bit more noisier, but now I'm not passing out due to carbon-dioxide poisoning...
Subscribed....way to go guys...

Even the best Helmet (Schubert) in the world will NOT utilize it's maximum designed airflow/exhaust, etc IF it is sort of blocked by a windshield. They were designed from the ground up.....sans windshield!

When it rains...because of the windshield, your visor will be speckled with rains drops that can be naturally cleared by moving your head into the windstream..pivot either right or left of the windshield.

To give the Helmet it's best due..cut/lower/pivot the windshield so as to catch more of the breeze...and suck out your possible toxic CO2 that gets trapped within your closed Helmet..always give your visor a slight opening..!

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