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Where to start??? ?;>]--
Was in Oklahoma near a place called Nash, when an officer told me to take a detour on a dirt road due to an accident. He said, it's just a little bit of loose gravel.
So I'm thinking I can handle that no problem!
Well, he must not have been from the neighborhood, because ofter a tad of gravel I hit a dirt road with 6-10 worth of deep loose sand. Very dusty. I kinda freaked but then talked myself through it. Stood up, gripped the bike with my knees, very loosely haled the handlebars and let spirit do her thing. All went del for about 1/4 mile when the ruts started getting deeper and deeper. Then I made the mistake of trying to get to the left side of the road where it wasn't so deep. The middle part was about a foot deep and before I know it front wheel flipped sideways and I found myself airborne! Over the handlebars (maybe might have gone too fast???) and into the dirt. I had a soft landing so I didn't really think anything was wrong. My side felt a bit sore but that was it. There were a few trucks behind me and the guys in it helped me pull Spirit up. The third truck had a gal who was also a biker. She said just ride over the field, it was cut down wheat. I did and it was easier, then unto dirt again, but this time solid. Got back on the road and started riding when I noticed my rib popping and creaking. Not sure what was going on....
Rode to Enid and called my doctor friend in East Hampton. He said to just wait and see if the pain would get worse. He said there is nothing to be done about a broken rib anyway. It doesn't hurt to bad and I can breath normally, just not deeply.
It feels awfully weird though very loose and crackely! Oh well, On my way to Sparky's in near Muskogee
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