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Guys, I'm doing this solo next month coming from Houston, Texas. As you've just been, I have a few questions. I'll be travelling CCW. Here is just the loop part I am concerned with. I'll play the rest of the trip by ear.

1. Ferry from NS to NF: I have a few stops until I get to Sydney, NS so I don't know what day I'll be there. Do I "have to" reserve the space on the ferry ahead of time? Or is it easy enough to just slip in unannounced? I plan on going into Argentia to get to St. John for the sole reason I am not interested in backtracking the same road before heading north.

2. Money: Cash-wise, I hate carrying cash and would rather pay by card but realize there are times that I must. Going into the middle of nowhere is one of those times. I'll be hotelling it the whole way.

So, for hotels, eats and fuel, what's a good rule of thumb for how much cash to bring along? Likelyhood of being able to use the card?

3. Ferry from NF to LAB. it necessary to have a reservation from St. Barbe?

4. Hotels: As I don't know what day I'll be where or at what rate I'll be traveling at, how do you feel about availablity from just showing up?

5. Fuel? I've got 8.5 gallons in the Stelvio. Good range for the trip from what I can tell. What's the furthest between fuel stop? Also, operating hours... do I need to make sure I hit certain places before 4 or 5 pm? Worries about someone not opening up one day because they felt like staying in?

6. Road conditions and tires? Sounds like there's more pavement than I anticipated. I was only expecting to see a mile's worth in HVGB and LC.

Are the gravel raods pretty well graded and hard? Or are there deep and soft sections that will sink the battleship unexpectedly?

I was thinking of prepaying for some TKC80s at a shop in St. Johns to get them ordered up and then swapped out on arrival. Sound like I have the right idea? Now I'll need to find a shop in St. Johns...

7. Can't think of any other concerns except what I shouldn't miss out on. I've riden to NS twice but never had enough vaction time until now to actually ferry over to NF. So what recommendations for "must see" things do you have?

Sorry for the long winded post, especially since I haven't posted a thing in 3 years on here. Thanks guys.
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