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Thanks, guys. PPM--hilarious. Glad I've been able to put a 'road-ride-report' together that captures the interest of ADV inmates. Not an easy task! Please bear with me as I try to recount everything since the last posts. It's funny--normal days after work consist of, "I woke up, worked my ass off for 8 hours, pulled some hair out, ate dinner, had a drink, then went to sleep." In short, most days we spend fulfilling obligations can be summarized in just a few sentences, which means over a year we really are screwing ourselves over and over a lifetime perhaps our existence can horribly be summarized on one page of an obituary. Now that I'm out on the road I'm struggling to just try and remember everything that's happened. An hour of riding seems to require at least an hour to describe!

Unfortunately I can't type when I'm out on the bike, so most of my philosophical ponderings can't be captured in photographs and take even longer to assemble. And when I finally get somewhere I have an intraweb connection I end up spending more time editing/uploading photos than I do describing the various mental states and on-the-road thoughts that are as equally important. I'll get to the essays soon, I suppose.

Right now I'm in Eden Prarie, MN, after covering 410 or so miles since leaving Herrick, SD, this morning. So here goes my attempt to recount the hours since my last posts.

Rapid City. Why did I go? It was out of the way on the map, but put me in a good position to strike Badlands the following day. Stayed at the Alex Johnson Hotel, which prides itself on being historic. (If by 'historic' they mean creaky doors and fluctuating shower water temps (as in scalding coal hot, then icy cold), it's quite historic indeed.)

As for the city itself--hmmm. Being out on the open road, as vulnerable as it is, is calm, peaceful and tranquil. Oh it has its dangers (exposure, isolation, lack of food/water/gas), but mother nature is never personal. If it's freezing cold or boiling hot it's only because nature is indifferent. Anonymity is guaranteed unless Grizzlies abound. But in cities the environment and everything in it reacts to your every movement. You can remain anonymous to some extent if you know what you're doing, but people are just freaks. ESPECIALLY in Rapid City, which had this weird 'hot city night' thing going on in which all the 'locals' from 80 miles around hit the streets and acted like zombies would act if they drank Red Bull instead of eating brains.

Fortunately 'hot city nights' includes unexpected storms that help to control a city full of out of control, slobbering idiots. And for the first time I understood what the Japanese meant by the historical use of Tsunami.

Fortunately I escaped the madhouse streets AND the bad weather with a 16oz NY Steak, some prawns and two glasses of a Napa blend:

I'd heard my whole life that steak in the SD/NE region was the best in the world, but honestly, I got the feeling that steaks around here were like Idaho potatoes in Idaho. Meaning--all the good stuff is exported (in ID all you can buy is Oregon potatoes). Anyhow, I walked around a little bit after dinner, but the more I walked the freakier it got, so I retreated to my 8th floor room at The Shining inn. If the people in Rapid City went to NY or SF or Rome or Paris and acted like they were acting they'd get their asses beat for being so retarded. It was like a giant 8th grade dance after party where people smoked oregano and pretended they were high.
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