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weird to see someone so stoked about where i live... you flew here the whole way from the USA to do stuff that some days i cant be bothered doing. like today, i was off and couldve gone for a rip up the coast road and to bushmills or portstewart for lunch but just chilled in the house instead of going for a ride. shouldnt be so lazy. although im sure if i came to where you live id be like "this is awesome" and you'd be like "meh"

i live where the dot on your map that says "craigavon" is. i lived in portstewart for a few years too (did you go there, its near bushmills) and its nice around the north coast for sure.

when you were in bushmills did you check out anything else local? carrick-a-reed rope bridge, whiskey distillery tour etc really worth seeing. also lots of other worthwhile stuff nearby to there like magilligan point and the old monastry, also portballintrae is right by bushmills and has a gorgeous beach. the north coast really has LOADS to see.

you didnt know who joey dunlop was, pretty much the most legendary road racer ever. he was from ballymoney. hence the joey centre, park, statue, pub etc. you said youd post more details about him later but id say most people will probably know who he is lol
my ex was from Loughall and I had a few good visits over there. I should have taken my bike over and done the round Ireland run myself but I never made the time to do it. It is always the same - we tend to overlook the places on our doorstep until we move on. I live too far away now to make it happen I reckon. Oh bugger.
It's always good to be out .... Western Australia
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