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Hello BMBoy

I have done a bit short of 1000km and it's back at the workshop for the run in 1000km service. The forks were leaking badly and the front suspension was too soft, so the forks have been sent to Teknik for a rebuild. But despite that I have loved every km. if you look back through my posts you'll see that I say it feels so much lighter than the 1200. The seating position is better for dirt rides and I have fitted a winglet to the Lynx Screen so that I can ride visor up on the highway then just reach forward and slide the screen down when I go onto dirt. I have only done +/- 20km on dirt so far because of the front fork situation but I was very happy with the handling. It tracks well through soft sand and gave me a lot of confidence on the gravel and through the ruts. The motor has plenty of torque and little throttle use is required in soft sand, it just pulls through effortlessly. The low speed handling on the dirt is so much better than the 1200. It's just planted and goes where you want, gives a very confident feel. I kept the speed down especially through the whoops and pot holes because of the front shocks but it put a big smile on the dial.

So comparisons, on the black top it is way more comfortable and better handling than the DR650, of course not as comfortable and smooth as the 1200 but much closer to the 1200 than the 650, and corners very well. On the dirt mindful I really need more km under the belt, but I would say much closer to the 650 than the 1200. In fact the seating position for me at 6'5" is better than the DR650 and I think I would be happy to take the HPM everywhere I have been on the 650, I would not say the same for the 1200.

I am yet to get the HPM weighed but to give you an idea when stationary I can lean it right over comfortably and lift it back up with ease and confidence. If I tried to lean the 1200 over like that it would just keep going and lay down. I believe it's going to do even better than fill the gap between 1200 and 650, it promises to give me the all the fun and agility of the 650 off road with 80% or so of the comfort of the 1200 for black top touring.
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