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The New World I.14 – Even more of Alaska Highway

We reach Watson Lake, a small but very nice town. Probably it is known the most due to it Sign Post Forest. A place where people started to hang all kinds of sign posts, most of them from “back home” (wherever that might be ) And with time, the place developed and become a landmark not only for the small town but for the all the region.
The notebook received in Romania as a gift before departure, found it’s own place for a snapshot.
Because the idea of leaving a sign post was becoming more and more popular, they even prepared for people who didn’t came with a sign post. So now, you could have a peace of wood and some paint and you could make your own sign right there. We didn’t do that, but instead decided to leave a more discrete sign.
Rock and Roll!

At the Information Center we find also a nice map of Canada and of course, we had to see how far we’ve traveled. Look mom, I am here!
We don’t stick too long there as we had to press on. As we leave we see an interesting sign, one that would be more common in Romania. Oh well, here there will be 200 km worth of “variations”. I wonder what kind of variations they might be…

We do not need to wait 200 kilometers to find out what’s all about. It was obvious anyway right? If when we past the sign, there was tarmac, the only variation could be that there will be no more tarmac…
A little bit of gravel dancing doesn’t hurt anyone. And the road? Well just fallow the cloud of dust. The car in front must know where it is going…
And, in worse case scenario, we have our trusty commpas ready to assist.
I know it looks like shit there, but hey it was a 1 dollar investment and it shows me where I am heading. That is good enough for me. I am only upset about the goldish look of the clip. But hmm being from Yukon I guess it had to have something “gold”.
The good thing of not starting very early in the morning is that (as I was told) animals tend to wonder less on the road at noon time. For example at about 11 AM we reach a road block.
A motorcyclist hit a bear that was crossing the street and now it was evacuated by helicopter. As the police officer told us, the guy was OK, just a little bit shocked by the encounter.
I was just thinking that since we started the trip in the North, there was no day when we didn’t see at least one animal on the road or near the road. Big or small, there was always something there. For example have a look at this picture and tell me quickly how fast you see the “things” in it.
1 second, 2 second, enough so you could break in time? And you saw them both, right?
Luckily, these two Stone Sheep were not on the road. But we’ve encountered other which were.
With the picture taken, we can do some post-processing so we have it better. Here we go.
We also saw bears. Two of them. Black. No pictures of them as by the time Andreea was getting the camera ready I was long gone from there.
But we did stop to see this gentleman:
He didn’t cared too much about us and he continued his siesta. I do not know if he was there on the look-out (if yes, he was not doing a very good job) as just half a mile later we met the hole family.
Most of them seemed peaceful but I wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of this guy for example

Hmm and if you are bored with wild animals, here you go, something that is more common on the streets also back home, in Romania
These horses were not tied and had no markings but still, I do not think they were wild horses. They looked to be cared for….
And yes, finally we see a moose. Or at least we think it is a moose. She ran off quickly in the forest with her cub. Just managed to take this snapshot.
So, is she a moose or an elk?
Besides the big ones, we also see all the time small animals crossing the roads. Squeals and chipmunks. They are harder to catch in a picture but during one of the breaks we’ve traded some peanuts for a photo session with this little one.
SO this is the thing with animals. They are here omnipresent. you have to get used to that. And pray to God none will just jump in front of your motorcycle in the last moment. And of corse, go slooow.
Besides these wildlife we also encounter on the road other kind of “mammoths”. But these ones are more predictable.

We reach Whitehorse and we meet Pat and his family. We will stay with them for 3 days and enjoy a short break. They are wonderful people and take very good care of us. We also have “short” walk and the mosquitoes from the area take good care of everyone. So we hide as good as we can.
Pat is a motorcyclist too. He has a very nice KLR and we have short ride together. Sadly he cannot join us up North and we have to move on. But we will be back in Whitehorse when we will return from Alaska. Thank you so much for having us!
Next time we will reach a town which is stuck in time. And also Gunnar will have to handle it’s first long gravel road. Stay tuned!
The route covered by this post:
Whiten from the same Gulliver’s library. This time without chocolate. In 30 minutes we’ll be on the road again!
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