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Sunday 7/29/12

A friend of mine, David, was bitten by the Adventure Bug so he finds himself a slightly used KTM 990 with some really nice accessories. David has spent most of his experience with bikes riding the street with heavy cruisers so mtngal and I took him out for his first really good run with the KTM. It's a nice machine, needs some new tires as the previous owner lived in the flats and it has a good case of what I call "squar-tar" or worn tire centers so its a bit wierd probably in the curves with the rail like contact patch so he will take care of that.

We meet at Clyde's restaurant in Waynesville for a really nice breakfast ( forgot to take food photos) then we started out with something gentle like the Blue Ridge Parkway just to see how he is doing. A beautiful day with clear air and white fluffy clouds was the setting:

( Oh, and I apologize in advance for this terrible place to ride but it's all us locals have when we don't have time to get far out)

So far so good!

Mtngal loves to use the camera as we roll so most all the pics today were with her panasonic and Lecia lens.

David appears to have a good set-up on the bike:

He is having fun on his friskey KTM!

mtngal grabs a shot of an oncoming cruiser:

Let's see what we can find for David on 215 south:

Soon a right turn on Explorer roads opens up a lot of adventuring possibilities:

Sorry, bridge not open to bikes...

On the road again...

Too many roads, too little time...

I like this for adventure touring, well centered on his machine, head level, eyes focused ahead in the curve, and not going for the apex too soon....

Hmmm...maybe time for some simple gravel...

Nice healthy looking mountain ladies...

Back on pavement soon and an awesome view of Cat Creek and Franklin ahead:

It was a good ride...

On down Cat Creek.

About grub time so we pulled in at Motor City Grill on main in Franklin...parked in front. Seating options include nice curbside tables but with this heat, we opted for the air-conditioned environment.

Bon Appetit!

Mount up....

Passing the Nikwasi ( Nequasee or Nequassee) Native American burial mound in downtown Franklin area:

Lets roll: Walnut Creek

Lake Glenville

Back on Charlie's Creek for the last leg of our run together:

Comfort station anyone?

Return on 215 north. David took the BRP south to home and mtngal always find some neat photo ops on this road as we head in on the last leg of our ride today.

Dangerous culvert...the unknowing have stepped into the water just to be swept away to a 40 foot fall...terrible thought

There are several old iron bridges on this river with interesting stories to be told by the locals. I am a local here, raised near-by, and generations of my family before me have crossed these structures many times;

This particular bridge, while not the oldest in the state, was previously located downstream at the intersection of Love Joy and Lake Logan Roads when the logging train used what is now known as Lake Logan Road to haul out logs from the high country many know now as the Graveyard Fields area. That's a lot of history in itself, but it seems this old bridge has a history that followed it upstream....well..perhaps a ghost or apparition will appear up in its structures to some who venture across. I know the story, I elect not to tell it all as it involves families of locals from generations gone by. You look at the photos mtngal took. We did not see what showed up ( and this is not the first time I have experienced this) here. We both had a feeling here that was abnormal, emotional, confusing, and not typical with our fun ride so we moved along look at the photos...

Moving on home...

Great products from here...

See ya soon
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