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8/4/12 Camping test run

This may not be much of a day trippin' thing but some of you may find it interesting or helpful. mtngal and I are going to be doing some camping from the GS. That would be an easy thing if we each rode separate bikes and could haul a load on each bike. The challenge for us is to do this off one bike as she prefers to ride with me ( I refer that too since she has spent her life on horseback and not on two wheels).

We bought a new neat tent and look forward to giving that a try too. Its made by Nemo ( morph 2-P) and has no poles but air beams instead.

Over the years, I have learned in my travels on the bike to test new things a little at a time until I knew what I wanted before heading out on a long trip and end up wasting vacation days and every body else's time also with unforeseen problems. So mtngal and I decided to try out the new tent in the back yard, then load up the GS with all our gear, at least one day water, clothes, tent, mattress pads, stools, one burner stove, fuel for that, MRE's, other foods, condiments, sporks, riding under garmets, camp clothes, shoes, cameras, bike's tools, oil, camp lights, gee...its a long list! My goal is to find out if we can ride with all this and you know..simple stuff like are we comfortable?, can we get on and off the loaded bike and get it on the stand OK?, ride gravel, run the curves a little, not loose gear, nor have catastrophic things winding up in our wheels, and so forth. Are things packed in the order of need setting up a camp. I want to check out the various settings on my electronic suspension with all this weight too so here we go:

New Tent sets up fast, peg it out, attached air pump, rock your foot for a few minutes, and done!

Happy far

Air beam supports easy to inflate and deflate

Neat sky view with the rain cover rolled back off the mesh front...

Ok, got it all loaded:

I guess mtngal can fit in there...good thing she is so little!

Out for a test run:

We got back from an hour ride and did just fine even up the steep gravel driveway. I think with a few refinements we are good to go. I am not confident about the bed rolls staying dry on top of our side cases...the manufacturers claim the stuff sacks are water proof...I may put them in dry sacks but that adds to the bulk close her legs. She is very comfortable as is.

The loading ( and this is by no means a complete list of junk) is as follows:

In the upper water proof bag are the mattress pads, tent, rope, camp led light, camp shoes.

In the upper case are our riding clothes, camp or street clothes, toiletries. A few toiletries for travel are in the tank bag.

In the right side case is the camp stove, MRE's, folding water bucket, other food, first aid kit, coffee stuff, and in short all the camp kitchen stuff. Snacks and a few in the tank bag. Weight about 35 lbs. On the top is my bed roll.

In the left side case is the bike tool roll (heavy), bike oil, fire extinguisher, gas treatment if needed, jumper cables ( homemade and compact) extra straps, can of plexus for helmet lens & windscreen, bike cover ( may throw this out for more room), cheap throwaway ground clothes for the tent. Two folding stools seen above with the tent. Probably a few other things like leatherman, side arm for states honoring concealed carry permits, pepper spray in the tank bag. Weighs in about 38 lbs.

Tank bag has couple cameras, sunglasses, tire gauge, GPS when not in use, cell phones, wallets, things mentioned already etc.

Ok, comments pro or con appreciated. I have done this before but only for 1-up I ain't pullin' no trailer! So if you have thoughts, let me know.

Happy trails!
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