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Originally Posted by 2trally View Post
I've been thinking about turning a modernish mx or enduro 2 stroke in to an adventure bike. I was originally going to use a klr 650 or even my Buell Ulysses as a starting point but I want something lighter and more capable off road. I've been looking at using a yz 250 or a ktm 380 exc. Thing is I'm not really familiar with any of the bikes in the mx/enduro category and I want to know any other particular bikes that would suitable. I also have a few questions about 2 stroke dirtbikes in general.
I've got a few requirements

cheap and readily available
under 230 lbs

It would be nice if it was street legal, had a wider ratio gear box and tuned for bottom end or midrange power but I'm pretty comfortable making those modifications if they are possible.

What kind of fuel mileage can I expect to get out of a 250 or a 380 2 stroke ridden moderately? Ive been thinking of using full rally style tanks with 8 or 9 gallons of capacity and I want to be able to get at least 250 miles to a tank.

Speaking of fuel, can 2 strokes be detuned with just ignition timing to accept low octane fuel?
Since I first read this post I've been looking forward to various offerings done up in the described fashion by others. Although not "modernish" by any stretch of the imagination, I have a F-7 175 Kawasaki that I am in the process of building with a "street tracker" flavor, but reading your post has me thinking it might actually be a more useful and fun bike in ADV trim.

I did a 3 day, ~600 mile trip on a 175 Honda a few years ago, and a 2K trip on a 250 Kawasaki Super Sherpa last Septermber. I really have a soft spot for little bikes so I just might change my build direction. I doubt it was your goal, but thanks for the motivation and idea!

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