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If you look like a bright neon Michelin Man traveling down the street = you're doing it right!

I prefer to use my skills instead and ride within them; part of which is identifying the hazards that can put you down on the road in the first place.

For me, I'm sure that any "accident" I have, no amount of padding is going to protect my body from an impact with anything above 20mph so if you ride above that speed = what's the point?

I've been down on the road 3 times and walked away (limped away once with a sore knee) just fine, with no more road rash from only wearing Jeans/Jacket/Gloves/Helmet...than the Guys who wear ATGATT post pictures of when they screwed up. = makes me wonder how over-rated ATGATT really is.

...I guess I've given away that I'm NOT ATGATT (even when commuting in the winter) so....just ignore my comments as I "don't have a place in this conversation".

Ps. The accidents I've had were all in the first 5 yrs I was riding on the street while still learning my skills/abilities. (that's over 20 yrs ago now, been fine ever since!)

If anyone wants to preach to me how dressing like the Michelin Man might help my chances when I hit an immovable object above 20mph = please include the valuable, convincing information on how it overcomes physics.
Unless that padding people talk about is over 2 feet of thick shock-absorbing foam...I fail to see how it's going to help.

I'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all here....just voicing what I've experienced over the years and actually seen in comparison. (apologizing ahead of time, because I know I come across that way)
Really = tell me a good argument and change my mind.
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