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To Colorado

Decided to make an early start out of Riverton. 4:30 and on the road with a temp of around 50 degrees. had all my riding gear on and started out comfortable to a spectacular sunrise.

Shortly after this point I watched the temp on the bike drop to freezing and BG come up with a new Icon. A snowflake followed by WTF, TOAD? Well, the snowflake was there.

Thank God I installed those heated grips. Ran em up thru all three settings.
Temp slowly rose and ran on for miles and mikes of God's country. This idyllic little ranch caught my eye.

And then it was on into Colorado.

Climbing towards Rocky Mt. National Park.

This river had more fishermen than fish, I'm sure.

Decided to camp. Pesky critters were trying to eat these poor folks tent.

The next day took me to the summit of the pass.

Big Girl was not happy, not happy at all. This could have been the reason.

But in all fairness I might have to say an old problem has come back to haunt me. As the descent took me down to Estes park and then on towards Fort Collins, BG became, once again, stricken with the bad running syndrome. I had run down a full tank of gas to a quarter full and when I stopped and popped the filler cap I heard no hiss or woosh. The vent tube was obviously working correctly. By Ft. Collins the heat was also breaching 90 degrees so I decided to stop and treat myself to a Holiday Inn.
After settling in, I ran over to the nearest station and filled up with (20% Ethanol, oh oh) and put some gas line antifreeze into it. This immediately corrected the situation. Either the big Italian Gal is very prone and susceptible to water or I'm getting fillups with water in them. Or both. You would think it would evaporate in this heat but, I guess, sitting in the bottom of the tank, it just can't get out?

So 5:30 this morning and the 70 degree temp is already rising. Riding thru all of these suburban streets and highways has got me totally wanting to avoid big cities. Specially in the heat.And now looking at my time frame to get to the east coast while the weather is still somewhat warm (if that is even a possibility this year) I have decided to head north and east and point BG at Lake Superior South Side. I have always wanted to ride and camp on that side of the most magnificent of the Great Lakes.
But first, let's see how far I can get in this heat.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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