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FIXED ! ! ! 2008 KTM 690 Enduro stalling / no start AND cannisterectomy help please

So my bike is currently apart chasing the dreaded occasional stall / won't start again / wait anywhere between 3 - 20 minutes for restart issues. Once in a while, it stalls and then I can't restart it until I wait some insane, undefined period of time - perhaps could be a clogged fuel filter overloading and overheating the fuel pump as I've read is suspected in other threads of similar symptoms...

1- I've taken the fuel pump out and all looks good
2- I am off to my local auto parts store to get a generic fuel filter replacement (and hose clamps) instead of the KTM OEM unit (which looks quite dark - assuming it's dirty)
3- the screen at the bottom of the fuel pump seems clean and perfect - no black or white debris as described in other threads - literally looks brand new
4- everything inside the tank seems as it should be and clean - no dirt or anything else came out, no loose hoses, etc...

Well, since I have the bike half-apart, I noticed that the previous owner did what I would call a "partial cannisterectomy" - one of the hoses that comes out of the charcoal canister is bent over and tie-wrapped to seal itself - no idea if this is right or not but I thought while I'm in there and have everything apart, I might as well remove as much unwanted emissions stuff like the canister, etc but I couldn't find any threads that describe the required parts, process and hopefully some pictures to help me along.

Can anyone share a link or something with me while I'm at this today? For reference, the bike is a 2008 690 Enduro with an FMF Apex muffler and an aftermarket air filter (foam, two round chambers, well-oiled - brand unknown) and the bike has a three position switch mounted on the handlebar for engine map switching...

Thanks in advance everyone

Thanks in advance
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