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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
I've been down 4 times, hit twice by cars, hit a dog, and fresh tar, each time I was wearing jeans. Got a few minor abrasions, but no road rash.

Ditto! And some of my skin abrasions looked better than some of the Guys who have shared pics after they went down while wearing "proper" protection.
I guess the end result has more to do with how good you are at braking and scrubbing off enough speed before you hit the tarmac to keep the sliding down to a minimum.

I think there's a fine balance between wearing enough that you feel "safe" vs being uncomfortable to the point that you'd rather not ride. (like when it's hot and humid)
If I were to be convinced that my life depended on wearing ATGATT and it wasn't worth the risk to ride without it, on days like We've had in my State lately = I'd go fishing instead.

I digress. Much like our diverse tastes in Bikes, to each his/her own. (I just enjoy making fun of neon michelin men!)
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