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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
I prefer to use my skills instead and ride within them; part of which is identifying the hazards that can put you down on the road in the first place.

In the August 2012 Rider magazine there was an articled by Clement Salvadori entitled BATGATT...Brains and All The Gear All The Time.

I tried to find an online copy of it to post but I can't seem to find one. Anyways the main idea of the article is that our "Brain" is our most important tool in avoiding possible mishaps on the bike in the first place. To just gear up head to toe and then go out and ride without the right mindset doesn't really accomplish a whole lot.

I agreed with the article and I do ride with armored/textile pants/jacket, good helmet, riding boots & gloves myself but even more importantly I switch my brain over to "motorcycle mode" for a much more heightened sense of my surroundings, spacing and potential road hazards.
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