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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
I was hoping to get opinions on what is ATG, rather than the usual arguments, oh well.
What's a minimum for "all the gear?" I'd go with the standard imposed by my workplace -- helmet, long sleeves, full-fingered gloves, long trousers, and boots that extend above the ankle. We've also got a requirement for a brightly colored upper garment during the day and reflective material at night, but I think those requirements are less frequently observed.

For me it's what I think will be sufficient protection for what I'll be doing at the time. It's always a helmet (full face is all I've got for now, but I may try one of those fancy Nolan 6-in-1 deals later) gloves of some sort, and a jacket, either leather or hi-viz mesh. I also always wear boots, though I go with all-leather combat boots instead of motorcycle-specific ones. If I'm riding on the highway I wear purpose-made riding pants or ovepants; around town I wear jeans or cargos over Bohn pants, or occasionally just jeans. That amount of gear is extremely unusual around here; I get some odd looks from other riders, particularly this time of year when it's hot.
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