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After taking a decent ride yesterday all I can say is WOO HOO

Where's my new shock.

For anyone who knows East TN, From Vonore I took 360 to Citico road, to the Cherohala Skyway, to Hooper bald, to N River road, to Whigg meadows back to N river rd to river road to 360 back to Vonore. its a good mix of good pavement, rough pavement, dirt, gravel, whoops, REALLY loose gravel etc.

with the stock forks 30mph on Citico road is brutal, very harsh, jaring thinking things are going to shake loose, with the AK-20's I looked down to see if the had graded the potholes out and saw "damn I'm in 4th gear going 45mph, I'd better slow down.

they soak up all the minor holes /rocks etc, and just roll over the bigger ones, I didn't air the tires down so some of the looser gravel was pretty interesting (marbles) but no surprises from the front end.

I did stop and turned the rear rebound adjuster about 1/4 turn harder, and that slowed down the eject feeling, the shock is just not working as well as the forks now.

I should have my Wilburs in 1-2 weeks

In short, the ak-20 is not cheap, but it is about $600 less than Ohlins USA, it is adjustable and rebuildable, compared to the other options it's your decision, I'm not unhappy with mine.
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