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Thanks for the link.

Update: I changed the fuel filter with a different one similar to the NAPA filter I've seen in other threads. Bike started with no issue and I let it idle for the "15 minute reset". Within one minute, it stalled so I restarted it and started the clock again. It stayed idling properly for literally 15 minutes and 35 seconds then the idle began to hunt a bit, it decreased than it stalled. I restarted it, it idled low with some hunting and then stalled. I threw my wrench at the wall and put the bike back in the garage.

Now what? Any ideas? I'm afraid to try to ride it to my "local" KTM dealer for diagnosis (somewhat because I don't want to get stranded on the road and somewhat because most dealers do very little to diagnose problems and would rather just charge time and material for throwing new parts onto the bike).

A few other notable things (perhaps notable):
- The pump makes its priming sound each time I go to start the bike.
- I didn't notice any dimming of the headlight and the battery appears to be strong and healthy
- I have no idea what else to report

Any ideas???

Thanks again everyone
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