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Check yer cables

On a ride to Toymakers last month, I hit the clutch and it went SNAP! The cable end snapped off at the barrel in the handle. It was an old cable.
Adventure ensued, and stories shall be told...
In the driveway the other day, I'm putting the bike away after a frisky 150 mile ride and the front brake cable SNAPS!
Brand new cable...same spot
I was pushing the R60US around in the yard and the front brake cable SNAPPED! Same place... WTF?
BMW will not replace a cable that has not been properly lubed.
At the handle.
The receiver unit should be cleaned and lubed with some nice white libdinum. Make sure the barrel unit can swivel nicely when you retract the handle. The barrel then won't cut the swaged end of the cable off at some inopportune moment.

I'm looking at your cables Lucky...
Get that zip tie off there. Your choking your controls. The throttle cables are at an odd angle. Let 'em find their own way down there.
You've got the same handles as I. Pop the big screw and clean 'em up well.
Your life depends on it.
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