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Originally Posted by el queso View Post
For me it means all the body parts are covered; helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and real riding boots. I prefer using "real" riding pants, but if I'm just buzzing around town a pair of heavy denim pants keeps me happy.

Sometimes I cringe thinking how fast I used to ride bicycles wearing only Lycra and a beer cooler helmet...
True dat. My daughter fell off her bike last summer and got some really bad road rash on her left hand and wrist. A trip to the emergency room to have it scrubbed. You can still see the scar. Gloves would have prevented it... but hell, I never even wore a helmet when I was a kid... never mind gloves. I still refuse to wear a bicycle helmet... which my kids get on me for... and which sort of contradicts my stance about ATGATT.... so what the heck do I know?

Unrelated to that quote....

Generally, the idea of "hey, it's just a short trip so I won't wear any gear" is a trap in my opinion. If it's just a short trip, I take the cage. A friend of mine changed his oil and went for a quick test run around the block... of course he low sided. Good rash... mostly on the elbow and forearm.

The idea that you need to bring your "brain" with you always comes up in these discussions. As I have repeatedly said... wear whatever you friggin gear you want... but at no time have I ever even implied that somehow because I wear gear I can somehow not "bring my brain". This conversation is about gear. We can have another conversation about advanced riding courses, Proficient Motorcycling, Maximum Control, advanced turns, braking, whatever. BTW... non of the gear I wear would really protect me from blunt force trauma (my brain and I have always understood that)... that's not the point... never was. Sure some armor is better than nothing (esp on the elbows and knees)... but the gear is mainly for abrasions. Wearing the gear could make an off a non-event as compared to a few nights in the burn ward. Heck my Arai helmet is so freaking strong I can stand on it... the force that it can withstand is far and away more force than my neck can withstand... so, as they say, at least I'll leave a good looking corpse.

Best advice I ever got about riding a motorcycle was this: respect the machine... so respect the machine and wear whatever you friggin want!
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