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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
Well I am planning a trip to Prudhoe Bay. Looking like next summer. This year I have been focusing on motorcycle racing and my girlfriend has been fully supportive of that. So next year I will save my money and we will do a trip to Alaska and Prudhoe Bay. Looks to be about 8000 miles round trip. So we are looking around a month and a half to do the trip in.
Should be plenty of time to see things along the way and cover those miles without too much stress.

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
I am just trying to get the general money costs down. We already have most supplies. Tent, sleep pads, would need to get camping cookware.

Around 711 Gal Combied.
16000 miles (2 bikes) / 45mpg * $4.00
~$3000 in gas.
Looks like you doubled the mileage because of two bikes rather than one, then doubled the amount of gas for those double miles as well. My calculations would be more like this: 16,000 miles (2 bikes @ 8,000 miles per bike), / 40 mpg (give yourself a little cushion - rain and/or headwinds can lower your mileage) = 400 gallons @ $4.50/gal avg = $1800. There, I just saved you $1200 which you can spend on other things, such as...

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
Double that.

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
~$400, Camping fees, maybe a hotel or 2. Mostly going to try to stealth camp.
Triple that.

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
~$100 (I collect post cards, she does patches)
Double this one, too.

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
We can make some of these cheaper by being thifty and it shouldn't be a big deal. Biggest cost is gas.
We are both full time students and the summer should be the perfect time to do this.

Her bike is a 2007 Ducati Monster. Mine is a 2003 FZ1. We would both use soft saddlebags and a bungy net to tie stuff down. I have done multiple long trips. Cross US. Another up to yellowstone. She is pretty new to the riding thing but did great on the 3 day trip. Basically to help prepare for this trip we would go to find some fire trails to get some dirt work in with street tires.
Mix some loose, deep gravel into that, as well as some mud. Get some practice on loose surfaces until neither of you is nervous with the bikes wiggling all over under you when seated. Standing on the pegs helps a lot, but you won't want to be standing for 400 miles.

Learn to watch the road surface closely, and never, ever, outride your sight distance.

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
Work in Progress

Starting from Orange County, CA.
Any route you take into Canada will narrow down to just one or two into Alaska, so whichever one you pick will be fine.
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