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I just put up our documentary on racing the Baja 1000 on youtube. It's a step by step of two noobs planning, preriding, and racing it in 2008 ( loop race ) . Hope it helps :)

We did it just with 2 guys. Never been to mexico and we're pretty new to riding.

Here are some non obvious tips that i wish we knew or some that we actually had.

1. Make sure that the rider of record starts the race. ( The rider of record either has to start or finish for you to officially complete the race. If you have the rider of record go last and he crashes/gets hurt and can't finish, you're out. So best to start with that rider and even if he gets hurt 10 feet from the start, your other guys still can continue and finish successfully.

2. Check that your helmet mounted lights are the same temperature ( color ) as you bike lights. It's distracting and adds to fatigue if one is blue and one is white. Your eyes are continually having to adjust. You will spent more time riding at night and you will be more tired so optimize for the night ride.

3. Make your pits smooth. You can waste a lot of time in the pits and that adds to frustration, time and fatigue. Have guys that know what they are doing and you can trust. During the race you might not be thinking straight so it's nice if you have someone that takes care of this. If you have major pits to change wheels/tires make sure that you have lots of lighting in the pit in case it happens at night.

4. Have a spare bike of the same type in the back of chase truck. It's nice to just swap out a whole break system or the like if you need to. We bent our rotor and burned out our break, so simply changed the whole front break system in 5 minutes.

In the baja 1000 you can show up unprepared, race and finish with out issue....if you're lucky. You can also have the best gear and prepare all you want and not finish...if you're unlucky. So my advice is to prepare as much as you can so when you have to deal with the adversity that will come at you.

btw, I'll be there this year also trying it solo... on my 990R :)


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