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I like the cold...
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I'm reading through the topic and I'm quite surprised what is considered as full gear in other parts of the world... I have a friend from Miami who used to study at my university in Poland, he was shocked that I always wear full gear (codura mc pants and jacket with protectors, mc boots, protector gloves and helmet. When the weather gets warmer, so around 25C, 80F for all of you that use pagan imperial units , I switch to kevlar jeans with protectors). I don't really get driving in a tshirt or shorts. Jeans, a sweater and a helmet are hardly any protection...

I won't preach to anybody what protection should they wear, but I just find it... surprising. Maybe it's a case of a different climate, with temperatures 30+ it gets really warm.

Btw. a question to the people driving without full face helmets, I always wandered how does work when You hit those bigger, juicy bugs, you know, that hit like a rock and splat like an egg Getting one of those on the visor is not pleasant, but getting hit in the face must be a charm
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