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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
Hammer Run crashes and a close call from Chris Shafer on Vimeo.

the last speed you can see on the video is upper 20's...

It didn't hurt _at_all_ and trust me I've hit shit allot faster. Now tell me how that would feel with out armor?
Been there and done that...= a little bit more bruised than you but, that's about all. (and I always wear more gear off-road than on road as I expect to be pushing the envelope and therefore, screw up more.)
You're also off-road vs trees and dirt are MUCH more forgiving than tarmac and telephone poles.

Honestly, although I've never been to a track, I'd also wear more gear there for the same reasons = I'd be pushing my limits.
On the streets, I don't push the limits or my luck as I equate it to playing Russian Roulet with 5 bullets loaded in the six-shooter vs 1.

For the streets (to get back on topic) my minimum wear is Boots without laces, gloves, long pants (don't need surprise bees sneaking up and stinging my nuts) shirt and a helmet (mostly for it's eye protection).
Applying my riding philosophy STRICTLY to myself, if I have a get off on road, I'll have worse things to worry about than road rash.
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