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FMF Apex muffler removed and original thermo-nuclear reactor installed. I did the 15 minute reset run on it -
1- it did not stall within the first minute as it's been doing lately (though when it has stalled within that first minute lately, it restarted immediately)
2- it ran the entire 15 minutes glitch-free with a steady / consistent idle speed
3- after 15 minutes, I shut it down and restarted it several times with no issues

WTF? I guess it really needs some back-pressure from the catalyst and the muffler design itself. I have no idea which map is loaded on the bike but I am prepared to try having my dealer load the Akrapovic map for the bike since it accommodates for less back-pressure. Could it be this simple? The most annoying things in life often are solved with simple solutions, aren't they? In any case, I believe that I am prepared to rule out the fuel pump at this point - check all electrical connections and inquire with my dealer about that optional map. Any other suggestions or words of wisdom?
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