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Originally Posted by Bobo1167 View Post
I bought a 14mm hex wrench for a 1/2" drive today. That's for the bolt on the end of the crankshaft. It's a really nice bolt for turning the engine to find TDC, but the spark plugs gotta be out. So I spent the evening removing plastic bits, and the air box, and the plugs. Kinda damaging one of the coils, geez.

I found a BikeMaster flywheel puller, "Honda Puller MP11" is probably the correct one. Both rotor's have Denso printed on the side. Hence my confidence a Honda puller is right. about $18 at my local new/used motorcycle parts place, Bent Bike. Its nothing more than big 22mm 1.5 bolt with a square flat end. a nice bolt would probably work too, if that can be found.

I bought a 8mm 1.25 50mm bolt to use as a TDC locking bolt. BUT, the hex headed bolt head runs into the case before the pointy end solidly locks the crankshaft. There's slot cut into the crank for the bolt to squish into, when i can't turn the bolt anymore I still get some wiggle on the crank. tomorrow I'll get an allen head that will be smaller in diameter.

And I can try and locate some Loctite 648
It's used on the tapered end of the crankshaft and the big screw threads. that's why heat is needed to break things apart. The stator screws use blue loctite. the cover screws don't use any, but they have a weird torque pattern, not what I'd guess, maybe that's why mine leaked.

More pictures when some real progress falls on my head. bobo

When I replaced my cam chain tensioner I was able to turn the bike over without removing the plugs by putting the bike in center stand in 6th gear then lying on floor and rotating the back wheel slowly with my foot while peering into the TDC hole to find the slot in the crankshaft web. .... an assistant would have made this much easier but the neighborhood was empty at the time....

M22 is an "odd" size ... somebody may carry it, but let us know if the Honda puller works!

The locktite 648 explains the heat - THANKS!

And yeah... apparently the order of tightening the side cover bolts is REALLY important ... important on the clutch side also...

Best of luck!
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