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Another Update:

Went for a slightly longer ride and it almost conked out on me. While waiting at a red light, the engine began to run up in temps (as expected) and I swear that when the fan kicked in (with two bars left up top of the temp range - as it always does with the stock temp / fan switch), it started to idle lower and then started to make its way toward a stall. I immediately gave it gas and kept the revs up. What I then noticed on the rest of the ride was that when the fan kicked in, when I revved it past idle, there was an obvious change in fan speed. I would expect some change but not as significant as it seemed to me. This suggests something like some power starvation / decrease in output to support the fan. If this is correct, I will bet that the fuel pump is also seeing a drop in current and perhaps that is what is causing the bike to stall (or even spark or anything else that is current-dependent). I am going to have a closer look at diagnosing the stator and battery tomorrow. I wouldn't hurt to check the condition of all grounding points and other vital electrical connections...

Anyone have any experience with stalling relating to low voltage from stator and/or battery performance / condition?

Thanks again - especially for letting me use this crowd as a sounding board and source of experience.
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