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So one of the first things I am looking at is analyzing our first race to see what went wrong....

Past Race

We did it in 2008, team of 2, in 30 class. This was a loop race and it was short 630 miles. We finished the race in 19:53 so that put as at about 32 mph total average. Seems slow. But here are some of the things that happened....

Our ktm 540 blew up 2 days before the race so we ended up racing a tired 450exc. This slowed us down quite a bit. In the woops it did not have enough power, and i remember on the salt flats being passed by one guy because I had to have it in 5th gear as 6th would not pull.

We screwed up on the second pit as I finished the section a bit faster and we were not ready. We were supposed to put on lights and new rubber in the daylight right before the woops but we just kept going. Not smart riding the whole san felipe section on toasted tires.

This caused us to have to switch everything at night and we did not have any lights so we were doing it in front of our truck headlights. This pit stop was over an hour long!

Then I broke down on the east coast and it took me almost an hour to get going again. At that point the fog had rolled in and our pace was reduced to a crawl. Also the break down took a lot our of me mentally. Giving up all those spots after battling for them so hard was discouraging.

So best case scenario we would have shaved 3 hours from our time easily if we weren't stupid. That would put as at an average somewhere at about 38 mph. The other factor was that I had only been riding motorbikes for 1.5 years at the time and I'm a much much better rider now.

New Race
So based on the previous race I'm thinking here are the pros/cons

Going for me
- I have 3 times the riding experience than i did then
- It's a faster course
- I have raced and ridden the baja several times since then
- I'm racing a 990r which for non woops riding will be more comfortable than a dirtbike

Going agains me
- I'll be doing it solo instead of with a partner
- the race is probably 400 miles longer than the last one
- I'll be racing a 990r instead of a dirtbike which will be tough in the woops

I'm actually thinking that the 990 will benefit me more than a dirtbike. As a big buy ( 6'4" 280 lbs ) a dirtbike is not fun to ride for long distances, and my size allows me to handle the big bike better in technical areas. I think if I can get through the woops ok, on the majority of the course I'll be less fatigued on the 990 than a small bike.

So if the course is 1050 miles...the numbers would be this
Best case: 38 mph that would put it at 27 hours.
Probable case: 30 mph that would put it at 35 hours.
Adjust for baja +5 hours : 40 hours

At this point have to start thinking about sleep. I can probably make 30 hours without sleep, but after that would have to factor in some shut eye.

From all this it becomes so clear.... to finish, be consistent and keep a higher average to finish faster! Duhh!
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