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Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
Mountain biker here.

I wear a helmet - not even a full face helmet. I wear gloves (mostly for grip when I’m sweating) and biking shoes for clipless pedals. Otherwise, it’s shorts and short sleeves in the summer. But, what I ride is technical single track. Dirt doesn’t remove skin at the speeds I’m going. There are lots of trees, but no amount of Kevlar is going to prevent broken bones if I hit them at speed.

There’s really no comparison between the two – other than they both happen to have two wheels.
Possibly not much comparsion between moutain biking and motorcycles but I don't see much difference between road biking and motorcycles. Helmets aside, most ATGATT advocates include the need for skin protection against road rash.

So my question should have been better asked by sticking with riders of road bicycles. All the serious road bikers I see are in Lycra or something similar with almost as much skin exposed as covered and helmets that provide no more protection than motorcycle half-helmets.

I totally understand the need for lightweight while racing or less coverage because of heat, both ambient and caloric.

I could careless what anyone wears but it seems a little hypocritical if an ATGATT motorcyclist also rides road bicycles without similar levels of protection. And if they do, at what point does their motorcycle gear become a costume similar to what the "pirate crowd" wears. If protection is so important why not on bicycles too.

Of course if there are no road bicyclists who are also ATGATT motorcyclists, my question is mute, but that's not my suspicion.
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