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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
f heat, both ambient and caloric.

I could careless what anyone wears but it seems a little hypocritical if an ATGATT motorcyclist also rides road bicycles without similar levels of protection. And if they do, at what point does their motorcycle gear become a costume similar to what the "pirate crowd" wears. If protection is so important why not on bicycles too.

Of course if there are no road bicyclists who are also ATGATT motorcyclists, my question is mute, but that's not my suspicion.

There are some big differences. The fastest I'd ever go on a road bike (around 50) is about the slowest I go on a street bike. Wearing the gear on motorcycle doesn't cost me anything except a little discomfort. When riding a bicycle I'd not be able to make it 5 miles little lone 20 to 100mi wearing leathers on a road bike.

I've seen some nasty bike crashes though where i'm sure people wish they where wearing gear.

At the end of the day I don't wear protection on bicycles because it doesn't exist... I'd love to see some kevlar stretch bib shorts and jerseys and better gloves.
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