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Originally Posted by Wuwei View Post
Bicycle riders tend to avoid heavy traffic areas even more than motorcyclists--for example I would rarely ride a bicycle in the fast lane of a divided highway or city street, unless I had to make a left turn. Frankly, road rash is the least of your concerns on a motorcycle--it won't matter if you're all scraped up if your head is squashed.
And in the same light cruiser riders, who are notorious for wearing little to no gear, rarely ride real fast, push it in the twisties, do track days, are stunters, or ride off-road where drops/crashes occur more frequently.

I agree 100% on the highlighted text above. I'm the idiot that started the thread "Is ATGATT Overrated?" mainly because of exactly what you wrote.

I've been down a few times, albeit at relatively low speeds but I have experienced significant road rash...sure it hurst but in the big picture it's not that bad. I don't know maybe my pain tolerance is higher but the way some guys talk it sounds like they'd rather be dead that suffer road rash.

What I fear is blunt force trauma to the pelvis, abdomen, chest, flank, or head and a spinal cord injury. The only gear that really helps to reduce any of those is a good helmet.

To answer the OP's question, boots, jeans, gloves, and helmet...98% of my riding is in temps from 50-100F. If it's colder a jacket/riding coat, overpants and always good rain gear packed away but ready to don if necessary.
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