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Originally Posted by jdfog2 View Post
I was in Haiti in 1994.

Looks a LOT nicer than when I was there.

My ride was a High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle aka HMMWV, aka Humvee, or simply Hummer.
And it was definitely an ATGATT kinda place at that time. Different kinda ATGATT but I never left home without my helmet, kevlar "riding vest," boots, and automatic rifle :)

Seriously, is it SAFE to ride there? People are so poor I they are desperate for anything of value. Or that's how is WAS when I was there.

If it is safe - maybe the government should put a "Director of Adventure Riding" in the interior or tourism department and make some maps of good routes and then start advertising for ADV riders to visit!

Did I mention it is HOT and HUMID there - unless it's raining then it HOT and WET :)
I am as far away as possible from port au prince in the country as possible. I don't find it dangerous. I just find it annoying that the first thing people say to you is to ask for money... it gets old really fast and makes me not want to stop for pics when people are around
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