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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
My basic theory is: I'm at least a semi-skilled MC rider. I'm not dressing in case *I* screw up, I'm dressing in case someone else screws up for me.

I've crashed on bicycles. It effing hurts. If I'm not having to pedal my ass around you're darn tootin I'm wearing something that mitigates the road rash as well as impact I feel!

Yet you still choose to ride a bicycle without gear even though it's just as likely that "someone else screws up" for you and causes you to go down.

As another poster cited, he doesn't ecxeed 50mph on his bicycle but the cars that outweigh him by 50x likely pass within mere feet of him (in my area they do) at speeds well in excess of 50 mph.

It almost sounds like since your not pedaling and burning calories creating tons of body heat it becomes an issue of convience to dress for safey on a bike as opposed to a bicycle.

I'm not debating with you or anyone else just pointing out that we all make choices about our safety gear and as a non ATGATT (but always helmeted) rider it gets old listening to the ATGATT nazis ridiculing those of us who don't wear ALL the gear (whatever they define it as), and who in other activities with very similar risks like road bicycling, don't wear gear themselves.

Live and let live.
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